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A Poem of Increase

A Poem of Increase

Welcome to a season of blessings and bounties

God is giving you unusual wisdom and grace to handle life’s complexities

You will break forth on every side

Get ready for a very fruitful and fulfilling ride
God will take you from one level of glory to another

You will be thrusted further and further

You will experience supernatural speed

You will have an abundance of whatever you need
The grace and favor on your life has been increased

Things that were delayed are being released

Struggles and failures are behind you

The Holy Ghost within will always remind you
God is ending the cycle of pain

You have entered a season of uncommon increase and gain

You will increase in leaps and bounds

Until the story of your success resounds
Begin to expect things to get better and better

Expect life to become sweeter and sweeter

Your life will keep rising forward

Because God Himself is propelling you forward
Now you shall begin to see cherished dreams and desires come to pass

As you learn to follow your divine compass

This is your season of destiny realization

Because God is ushering you into a time of divine multiplication

In Jesus Name, Amen

Preserving the Faith of the Fathers For Future Generations 


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