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A Poem of Restoration

A Poem of Restoration

From this day loss shall be a thing of the past
All that God does in your life will last
God will beautify your life with glory
He will give you a new story

May the pain of the past be blotted away
May the shame of old be washed away
May you be launched into a new season of hope
Far greater than all the pain you had to cope

God will never let you suffer alone
For all your sins His blood did atone
May God strengthen you to face the future
May you enjoy true heavenly nurture

As your days on earth wind down
May you finish your course without a frown
It is my prayer that you will finish strong
May you live well and very long

This is my sincere prayer for you
May what was lost be restored to you
May this new season be far better than ever before
May God do for you what you have never had before




Preserving the Faith of the Fathers For Future Generations


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