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A Poetic Prayer of Blessing

A Poetic Prayer of Blessing

God will deliver you from the plots of the crooked
You will never be a victim of the plans of the wicked
God will keep you from being defeated
You will never be afflicted

God will give you victory on every side
You will never be behind
God will lift you higher and higher
You will experience the input of the Divine Multiplier

God will enlarge your coast
He Himself is the Lord of Hosts
God will increase your influence
His grace and favor will make the difference

God will fill your mouth with laughter
Your life will get better and better
God will surely give you success
You will experience remarkable progress

God will exceed your expectations
You will go beyond all previous limitations
God will end the cycle of disappointment
You will live above all forms of discouragement

God will make your life an enviable success story
You will rise from glory to glory
God will raise you high above the limitations of men
You will see your children’s children

In His Majesty’s Service,


Preserving the Faith of the Fathers For Future Generations

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