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A Poetic Prayer of Consolation

A Poetic Prayer of Consolation

May God break the stronghold of delay
May you begin to express success and progress everyday
May the pain of your past vanish away
May blessings and favors come your way

May God wipe away your tears
May He embolden you to overcome your fears
May God show Himself as a God of consolation
May your dreams and visions enter into a season of manifestation

May God give you victory in every prolonged battle
May He silence every unnecessary brattle
May you enter into a season of holy ease
May you enjoy irrepressible inner peace

May God shield you from the adverse effects of the current challenges
May you enjoy the covering and protection of the Rock of ages
May He grant you favor for accelerated progress
May you enter your season of unending success

This is my prayer for you today
May you experience increase day by day
May the pain of your past be fully forgotten
May you experience the blessings of God’s begotten

In His Majesty’s Service,


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