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A Prayer for Pastors

A Prayer for Pastors

May the God of consolation give you victoryMay the Father of Mercies change your storyMay the Holy Spirit empower you to break free from limitationsMay your petitions and prayers become your everyday manifestations
May you never regret your callMay God empower you to stand tallMay God never let you fallMay God magnify Himself through you before all
May He wipe away all your tearsMay He rid your heart from all fearsMay God make your life a testimony of Divine LiftingMay He bless you beyond the possibilities of your gifting
May He surround you with selfless men and womenMay He give you uncommon wisdom and acumenMay your work become a witness to the whole worldAs you keep shining as light to your world
May each day of your life be characterized by uncommon resultsMay God compensate you for the years of mockery and insultsMay your family always have more than enoughMay your life become stress free where it was once tough
May your life inspire others to answer their callMay God make you more influential than those who play footballThat the younger generation may see you as an inspiring influenceAs they see you rise from poverty to affluence
In Jesus Name, Amen!

Preserving the Faith of the Fathers For Future Generations 


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