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A Prayer For Pastors

A Prayer For Pastors

May God increase and expand your work
May He send you helpers to accelerate the progress of your work
May God restore unto you whatever the enemy has stolen
May God use you to bless and restore those who are heartbroken
May God give you increased grace for the effective execution of your assignment
For every vision that God gave you may you see their fulfillment
May God expose and remove saboteurs of your work
May He amplify the impact of your work
May your Ministry overcome every storm
Every trap or snare of the enemy shall you overcome
May you enjoy consistent perpetual strength and health
May you enjoy unbroken access to Divine wealth
May you never know frustration anymore
May God keep increasing you more and more
May He give you wisdom beyond your years
May He give you courage to overcome all your fears
May your home be characterized by uncommon peace
May each day in your home be characterized by Divine bliss
May your home be full of love like a foretaste of heaven
May forgiveness be a lifestyle as none seeks to get even
May you live a long, fruitful and fulfilling life
May your ministry be free from every kind of rancor or strife
May you fulfill everything you were born to be, do or have
May God make your life story something others will desire to have
In His Majesty’s Service,

Preserving the Faith of the Fathers For Future Generations 


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