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August EQUIP Letter

August EQUIP Letter

Dear Man/Woman of God,
Kind Greetings of Grace and Peace in the Matchless Name of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have received the grace and the apostleship for the obedience of faith amongst all nations.
We consider it a great privilege to be entrusted with the mandate to provide Ministers and their Leadership Teams with the Biblical truths, the insightful teachings and the practical tips that will help them effectively execute their Divine Assignments successfully.
This led to a Monthly Ministers Conference called E.Q.U.I.P. which means Encouraging Quality Unity and Integrity in Pastors which focuses on teaching principles, practices and processes that guarantee unstoppable progress in life and ministry.
EQUIP has become a place of encouragement, enlightenment and empowerment for Ministers in this country and other nations of the world due to our online reach that has now grown to 127 countries in our recent report.
Due to the recent worldwide crisis, the past few months have been very challenging for many including believers and worse still, the peoples of this world who have no covenant with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord always distinguishes His people.
But in the midst of the global challenge, we have seen our reach and our impact grow in leaps and bounds. We have experienced increase in every area of our lives individually and corporately. God has blessed us after the order of Isaac. Hallelujah!!! See Galatians 4:28; Genesis 26:12-14.
This is the reason this Month’s EQUIP will be themed, “Supernatural Ministry.” As the people of God we are united with Deity. Yes, the Bible says, “We are one with Him.” See 1 Corinthians 6:15-17; 1 Thessalonians 1:1; 2 Thessalonians 1:1. All of Heaven’s resources is available to us. See Philippians 4:19; James 1:17. We need to learn how to flow in the Supernatural in spite of the current challenges.
Nothing takes God by surprise. His power works best in trying times. God said, “Darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people but the Lord shall arise over you and His glory shall be seen upon you.” See Isaiah 60:2. Your case is different.
Join us on Monday, 24th through Wednesday, 26th of August for practical sessions of insightful teachings that will transform your life and ministry. There will be plenary sessions and specialized sessions that will lead to an upgrade in your level of effectiveness, an upliftment in your spirit and an upward trajectory in your progress. I will be expecting you.
In His Majesty’s Service,
P. S.
Please be kindly informed that registration is free. You can come with members of your leadership team as well so that your entire workforce may be motivated and mobilized for your next level of success in life and Ministry. We believe that when one church grows, every church grows. We are all in this together. Shalom

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