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Fragrance of His Presence

To create an environment where God can meet with His people to meet their needs and also to impact their lives with His Presence through the power of the Holy Spirit in a tangible and memorable way.

The people of the meeting

Believers will be taught the Word of God and their faith will be built up and the power of God will be activated to create an atmosphere for mass miracles.

The unbelievers will have the opportunity to hear the Word of God taught with the demonstration of the Spirit. They will also have the opportunity to encounter God.

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What to expect
· The Word of God will be taught.
· The power of God will be felt in a tangible way.
· The praise and worship will be exciting and inspiring.
· Souls will be saved.
· People will be healed.
· People will be delivered from all kinds of demonic oppression.
· Destinies will be altered.
· Marriages will be healed.
· Those who have lost their passion for the things of God will have their fire restored.
· People will be empowered to make progress by the anointing of God’s Spirit.

· Be definite about what you want God to do for you in the meeting.
· Write down and send it to Church before the day of the meeting.
· Prayerfully prepare for the meeting by making out time to pray that everyone that will come will have their needs met.
· Pray for fair weather.
· Pray that every unsaved person in the meeting will receive Christ as their Saviour.
· Pray that every sick person will be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Invite Others for The Meeting.
· Ensure that their prayer requests (those you are inviting) are sent to Church on time.
· Be there on time so that you can get a good seat and be positioned to receive.
· When we pray during the meeting, pray with us.
· When we worship, worship with us.
· Give your full attention to the Word of God for your faith to be built up.

Note: if you have any special prayer requests that you expect from God during this programme, please call or send an SMS to the following numbers:
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