Making Your Marriage Last

Dearly Beloved,

Greetings in the Matchless Name of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have been entrusted with the sacred mandate of building homes and restoring marriages for the purpose of creating a conducive environment to preserve a godly generation.
God ordained marriage to be a thing of joy that lasts forever. He created marriage to be a nurturing environment of love, mutual respect and fruitfulness but the enemy, ignorance, selfishness, self preservation and all forms of wickedness have tainted the picture.
God ordained marriage to be a reflection of Christ and the Church but today we see marriage through the broken mirrors of failed marriages, abusive marriages and regretful decisions, but from the beginning it was not so.
God our Loving Father wanted marriage to be happy, healthy and whole. He created you to enjoy your marriage and not to endure your marriage. We can’t sit back and watch the devil steal the joys of many and quench the hopes and aspirations of others. There’s an answer.
We believe that “Every marriage has a hundred percent chance of success” if we provide married couples with the right information, impactful insights and practical instructions with each couple demonstrating the willingness and the determination to apply what they learn. Marriage works if we are willing to work. We can’t expect returns where we have not invested.
It is time to invest in your marriage if you are already married or prepare for marriage if you are not married yet. In life you get what you prepare for. The quality of your preparation is what determines the quality of your future. Selah
For this reason we are releasing a book titled, “Together Forever” in order to achieve our dream of providing Biblical truths, practical tools and insightful tips that will make marriages blissful, fruitful and fulfilling. Let’s help you learn how.
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