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March Letter XIX

March Letter XIX

Dearly Beloved,
Grace Greetings in the Matchless Name of our Lord Jesus Christ in whom we live, move and have our being. Christ has furnished us with the ability and capacity to win in all life’s fight because the Greater One is in us. See Philippians 4:13 AMPC; 1 John 4:4
We are in a season of transition. We are about to witness a fresh move of God’s Spirit upon the earth that will take the world by surprise. Why? God has a way of using challenges to the advantage of the advancement of His plans and purposes in the earth. If you study history you will notice that after every major war, crisis or pandemic, God’s work takes a leap forward.
God used the dream of pharaoh that could not be interpreted by his sorcerers and magicians to launch Joseph to the fore. He also used the deadlock caused by Goliath as he intimidated Israel for launching David to the forefront. Every BIG problem is an opportunity in disguise. Selah
God used the decree of Caesar to move Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem in order to fulfill prophecy. God used the betrayal and the injustice done to Jesus to pay for our sins, remove our curses and take our infirmities. Every time satan stirs up trouble it ends up in his disadvantage and the furtherance of God’s plans. See Genesis 45:5-8; 50:19-21; Romans 8:28; Ephesians 1:11; Philippians 1:12-18
When persecution rose against the church in Jerusalem, they were scattered all over the then known world which led to the global spread of the church. When Paul was arrested and imprisoned he couldn’t move anymore so it led to the writing of the epistles to the churches. Those epistles are now the scriptures we read today. Think about it for a moment. God is up to something. See Acts 8:1-13; 11:19-22; 2 Corinthians 2:12-17; 1 Corinthians 2:6-8.
When John the Beloved Apostle of the Lamb was banished to the island of Patmos, that was where he encountered the Risen Lord and received the Book of Revelation. What if he was never banished. God has a way of using challenges to His advantage and the advancement of plans and purposes. This current pandemic will work out for the furtherance of God’s plans and purposes for your life. Don’t give up, cave in or quit. God is up to something. See Revelation 1:9-20.

Challenges do not kill. They are simply tests of your wisdom or your ability to manage crisis effectively. Challenges remind us of our need for God. They force us to depend on God and His Word which in turn strengthens us and empowers to breakthrough into new realms of unforeseen possibilities. See Psalm 46:1-10; Isaiah 41:10-16; 45:21-25; 54:13-17.
The recent global economic crisis caused by the plandemic did not take God by surprise. God saw it coming. The rules and protocols forced people to change the way they do many things. It forced people to stay indoors for a while. It made many people think of creative and innovative solutions to beat the challenges. May God fill your heart and mind with uncommon creativity and innovation for the furtherance of your progress and the advancement of His purposes in the earth.
What they (the devil and his cohorts) did not know was that the fear caused many to start searching for the truth like never before and the Gospel of the kingdom gained traction like never before. New house churches began all over the world. New ministries were discovered online. Some Ministers and Ministries gained great or greater global recognition. Hallelujah!!!!
I want you to take a different look at your life. The problems, crisis and challenges that has come against you lately or throughout your life did not come to kill you. They may have been fomented from hell but by the Grace of God, it will turn out for the furtherance of your progress. Say Amen!!!!
Your life will not end in defeat. No. A thousand times no Samson will have a second chance. Peter will come back stronger. The church of Jesus will become stronger, bigger, better and greater. Cheer up He has overcome the world and deprived t of its power to harm you. See John 16:33 AMPC. Shalom

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