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March Letter XXV

March Letter XXV

Dearly Beloved,
Greetings of Goodwill, Bliss and Peace in the Matchless Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus through whom we have received the mandate to Preach the Full Message of this New Life.
On the 5th April 1996, during a Camp Meeting Session, the Lord spoke to me in an unforgettable way, “Preach the Full Message of this New Life. Acts 5:20. NIV.” I checked my NIV Study Bible and saw the following words, “Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.”
I knew beyond every reasonable doubt that God had clarified my call in definite terms. The Word “People” is from the Greek word “Laos” which means peoples, people groups, tribe, nations etc. This means that we are called to reach every people group in this world. This implies a global mandate.
Therefore, it is obvious that God has called us to bring the Full Message of this New Life to all the people groups in this world. The fulfillment of this vision requires Divine Partnership. It will take the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Sponsorship to fulfill this calling.
It is for this reason that we seek to do BIG things for the glory of God. We are driven with a definite purpose to reach every corner of this world with the Full Gospel.
This reminds me of an encounter I had while watching Samaritan’s Purse fund raiser by Franklin Graham onTBN more than eighteen years ago. It was in the afternoon on the 22nd of November, 2002 and I heard God speak clearly to me saying, “Take My Healing Power to the Nations.”
When I heard those words I wept uncontrollably. The young man beside me asked what was happening and I told him what God said to me and he joined me crying too. God was calling me to take the Full Message plus His Healing Power to the Nations of this world. This is Psalm 67:2 KJV being fulfilled. There’s so much work to be done. We have to seek of new creative and innovative ways to reach our world with God’s Healing Power.
Day after day my heart keeps yearning of how to reach this world because God has given us a big vision. All we need to do is to trust Him to open doors and guide us on this glorious path of destiny. He is too faithful to fail. He will bring His Word to pass . He is our Senior Partner: The Master Orchestrator of all things. He will work it out. We will see every thing He told us to do come to pass. Our dreams will soon become our present day reality. Selah
In His Majesty’s Service,

Preserving the Faith of the Fathers For Future Generations 


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