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Praying the Word against the Disease

Praying the Word against the Disease

Dearly Beloved, 

Greetings in the Matchless Name of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have received the authority and the commission to demonstrate the Power and the dominion of Christ everywhere we go.
It behooves me to write you this letter on prayer to provide you with strategic scriptural insight for spiritual warfare against this spirit of fear and death that has been loosed upon the  earth. The Bible says, “Whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” See Matthew 16:18-1918:18-19.
The fulfillment of God’s plan in the earth requires both human and Divine collaboration. Man has a part to play while God also has a part to play. When we pray by putting God in remembrance of His Word, He acts on our behalf. See Isaiah 41:21; 43:25-26
Isaiah 43:25-26 NKJV
“I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake;
And I will not remember your sins.
Put Me in remembrance;
Let us contend together;
State your case, that you may be acquitted.
Prayer is a heartfelt verbal request made on God the Father based on His promise to meet that need. When we pray based on His Word, God the Father is obligated to perform His promise. See Genesis 32:9-12; Exodus 32:9-14; 2 Samuel 7:25-29.
God will never violate His Word. He is a faithful God who keeps His covenant to a thousand generations. He cannot deny Himself. To relent in performing His promise is to become a liar. God cannot lie. See Numbers 23:19; Psalm 89:34; 2 Timothy 2:13.
Knowing the character of God and His commitment to perform His promise, we have outlined certain scriptures to guide you in your prayer time for the purpose of enforcing the will of God in the earth. Jesus said, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” See Matthew 6:10.
Prayer, therefore, is inviting God to intervene in the affairs of men based on His promises. It is intelligently invoking the supernatural to transform the natural based on the premise of God’s Word. Please kindly follow the Scriptural guide below:
Isaiah 54:16-17
Pray that everyone in your family and in the Body of Christ will be preserved from this infirmity
Isaiah 54:14; 2 Timothy 1:7
Stand against the spirit of fear. Bind the spirit of fear and break the power of fear from the nation and the nations of the world
1 Corinthians 15:55; Hosea 13:14; Isaiah 25:7-9
Stand against the workings and the manipulations of the spirit of death. Break its power over the nations of the world
Exodus 15:22-25; 2 Kings 20:7; Isaiah 38:21
Pray that God will open the eyes of the Medical Profession and others to discover the cure for the infirmity
Acts 4:29-30; Jeremiah 30:17; 33:6; Psalm 107:20
Ask God the Father to heal those who have been infected with COVID-19. Pray that they will completely recover with any side effects.
In His Majesty’s Service,
Preserving the Faith of the Fathers For Future Generations


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