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I was healed of a 3 years ulcer after Apostle prayed for the sick, I checked my body for the usual pain but found nothing. Praise be to God.

Mrs. Joan
Yenagoa | Bayelsa State

God saved my marriage as I kept coming to church and hearing the word of God on marriage, my wife and I stopped our regular 2 weeks quarreling and fight, now we are both very happy as couples.

Gbalipre S.
Civil Servant

I want to thank God for giving me the exact job I desired. During the Foundation school I was instructed to have faith for anything and watch it happen, I asked God to give me a Job with a refinery, and God did it and gave the exalt positioned I asked for.

Okposio R.
Port Harcourt

I want to give God thanks for answering my prayer during the 2016 cross over service. I prayed to God for admission and gained admission into the University of Port Harcourt after 8 years of seeking for admission.

Akor M
Yenagoa | Bayelsa State

On a certain day at Obuna, in one of your outreaches you prayed for me and it worked.
I was possessed with a marine spirit.
But after that day you prayed for me I was delivered! I have been free since that day.
I love your preaching, You are one of the real sons of God in Bayelsa State.


Inerikumo O.
Hallelujah……. I have a testimony!!
I came to Equip this month of August with a hunger to experience SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY.

Apostle asked us to do as well in our church when we get back after the impartation on Wednesday which was also our Midweek Communion Service. I engaged in some of the things the Apostle taught us on how to work in the supernatural in the areas of healing, I asked the congregation to put their hands on any areas of pain and sickness. I never knew that a young lady was in the meeting with Partial deafness. I prayed by addressing the devil first who is the originator of Sickness and later pray in the name of JESUS as we have been taught and immediately the ear pump open, she can now clearly hear from far……. Oh, many healing took place that day oooo. This testimony came in today and many more (28th August 2020).
First deafness miracle in my ministry. Thank you, Jesus. God bless His Servant Apostle David Wale Feso for showing us how to replicate miracles.
Pst Solomon Adebiyi
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