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I was healed of a 3 years ulcer after Apostle prayed for the sick, I checked my body for the usual pain but found nothing. Praise be to God.

Mrs. Joan
Yenagoa | Bayelsa State

God saved my marriage as I kept coming to church and hearing the word of God on marriage, my wife and I stopped our regular 2 weeks quarreling and fight, now we are both very happy as couples.

Gbalipre S.
Civil Servant

I want to thank God for giving me the exact job I desired. During the Foundation school I was instructed to have faith for anything and watch it happen, I asked God to give me a Job with a refinery, and God did it and gave the exalt positioned I asked for.

Okposio R.
Port Harcourt

I want to give God thanks for answering my prayer during the 2016 cross over service. I prayed to God for admission and gained admission into the University of Port Harcourt after 8 years of seeking for admission.

Akor M
Yenagoa | Bayelsa State