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What is capacity?

1. Capacity is the ability of; mental or physical ability.

2. Aptitude

3. Skill


Matthew 25:14 (NKJV) he delivered the goods to them; In other words, we are

Stewards, Trustees.


Our abilities are actually deposits from God or divine investment in us (from God)

1Corinthians 4:1-2 (NKJV) Everything we have, came from God.

1Corinthians12:7-11(NKJV) this gift is distributed by the Holy spirit, the purpose of this giftings and abilities is to function in our calling (for every office there is a

gifting that goes with it).


Romans 12:4(NKJV) your function/office/calling in the body of Christ is what

determines the kind of gifting you need.


When you know what you are called to do, you know the gift that goes with it.

“I have a healing ministry so, there is a healing gift, the healing gift I have also goes

with the word of knowledge, and there are different operations of word of knowledge, they can be the inward witness, still small voice, a knowing, a picture.”

When you know your place, you can function effectively, because you know the giftings that goes with it.

Romans 11:29(NKJV) your gifts are your equipment for your assignment.


Your gift is freely given.

God entrusts you with a gift and you have to be found faithful. Matthew



We need to understand that when it comes to God, He takes into cognizance what

we can handle.

1Corinthians 10:13(NKJV) you’ve got to understand that, for you to receive more

from God to handle, you need to increase your ability and capacity.


How To Increase My Ability:


a) Through growth. when you grow, God would entrust more to you.

Galatians 4:11(NKJV) if you don’t grow, you’re not different from a



We cannot reach our full potential without growth.

Potential is unused ability, unused capacity and unused power.

If you’re going to reach your full potential you need to grow.

There are some certain things you know you can do, but some how you can’t do

them, the reason is because you’ve not yet grown to the point that you can exercise

that capacity.

Some of our potentials are still in seed form, until we grow we cannot actualize


Galatians 4:1-2(NKJV) even Jesus had to grow. Luke 4:49; 2:52

If you don’t grow, there are certain things God can’t trust you with.

(NKJV)1timothy 3:5-6

As individuals you need to increase your capacity.




a) You have to grow in KNOWLEDGE. 2peter 3:18, 1:2 (NKJV)

1Corinthians 12:1(NKJV) here Paul spoke about , the Corinthians’

church, he said, concerning spiritual gift “I would not have you

ignorant” because they were making a mess of the gift

1 Peter 2 :2 (NKJV) Hebrews 5:12(NKJV)


You can never achieve beyond the grace in your life.


Grace is supernatural ability to do effortlessly, what is naturally impossible.

You know you’re functioning in your place when you have the grace to

carry out your function with ease.


Another thing that make you grow in grace is humility. James 4:6(NKJV)


c) Increase in WISDOM


Wisdom is more than knowledge.

I. Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge effectively. Proverbs


II. Its administrative competence.


If you are going to increase your competence you have to grow in wisdom. Genesis


The impact of your influence will rise or fall to the measure of your wisdom.




I. Through PRAYER. James 1:5, Ephesians 1:17, Colossians 1:9 (NKJV)

When your wisdom increases you minimize your mistakes and it accelerates your


II) The WORD. 2Timothy 3:15

III) MEDITATION. Joshua 1:8(AMP) psalm 119:98-99(NKJV)

IV) IMPARTATION (Hands laid on you)

Deuteronomy 34:9, Romans 1:11(NKJV)

4) Increase your SKILL

God gives you talent, but when you practice it becomes a skill

If you’re going to be successful, you have to acquire skills

If you don’t have skill you will be scattered abroad like in the scripture. Matthew




With faithfulness comes increase

When someone is faithful, they’re dependable

2 timothy 2:2, Genesis 39:11(NKJV)

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