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Understanding the Love of God

25 Dec

Understanding the Love of God

Through this message you will understand how much God loves us.
if you read Ephesians 3:14-15 you will see God treats us the way He treats Jesus. God treats you as if you are the only individual in the world. His complete attention is on us and we are His main focus. If you have doubt about the love of God you should ask yourselves whether you believe Jesus came to die for us. If you believe Jesus came to die for us then you should know God loves you. Nobody can die for something or someone they don’t love. God loves you unconditionally that is He loves you even with your imperfections.

  • God’s Love for you is Real
  • You are the focus of God’s Love
  • God will always put you first
  • God deals with you as though you are the only one on earth

You can’t love unconditionally without first understanding how God loves us unconditionally. All the Apostles including Paul were all killed except John who died a natural death because his focus on the love of God, this tell us one thing, that in the realm of love, there is life.

God cannot tell you to do what Himself cannot do. when he gave you the commandment to love your neighbour as you love yourselves He was indirectly telling you that He loves you as He loves Himself. so He is always there for you waiting eagerly for you to come to him. .

Jesus came to die for you to exhibit the love of God for you, not because you are good but to bridge the gap between you and your Father. we are one family that is why our Lord’s prayer starts with our Father. But note this down “YOU ARE THE FOCUS OF HIS LOVE”