David Wale Feso

David Wale Feso

My Heart’s Cry

I am forever sold out to Jesus
The One who came down to save us
I owe Him all that I am and all that I will ever be
All I seek is to fulfill His plans for me

I do not seek gold
I do not seek silver
The things of this world will surely grow old
I have pledged my loyalty to Him forever

I am in love with my Lord
That’s why I am addicted to His Word
Nothing in this world matters
In the glory of His Presence all the world’s good shatters

Jesus Jesus how I love You so
Your love has held me captive
I want to serve You everyday
Bringing You joy every moment

Oh Jesus I am overwhelmed by Your love
I am enthralled and entrapped by the Man from above
All I seek is what pleases Him
All my energy is for activities that honor Him

Addicted to Jesus,

David Wale Feso

Article by cricmedia